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Footmed Orthotics offers a diverse range of orthotic solutions. A Podiatrist's therapeutic objectives are reached through the culmination of high quality materials, technical skill and outstanding service and support.

Below are some of the more commonly used products. If you have any questions regarding the products, their properties or suitability for your clients please do not hesitate to contact us.


2 - Northvane Copolymer Polypropylene Footmed uses two grades of polypropylene materials. Standard grade in black or white, and Simona® Premium grade in an opaque colour. Polypropylene is a very tough and impact resistant material that thermoforms well, has a long life as well as providing a degree of flexibility to the wearer. This material can be used to construct both semi-rigid and rigid functional devices.

Northvane Copolymer Polypropylene

2 - Northvane Copolymer Polypropylene This material is a lightweight, versatile and high impact strength polypropylene and polyethylene blend. It is a very strong material that features up to 80-90% of the impact strength of polycarbonate (used as bullet-proof glass). It therefore has the benefit of being able to constantly flex without fracture or damage. It is available in a wide range of colours including black, blue, green, yellow, red, flesh-tone and purple. This can be used to construct both semi-rigid and rigid functional devices.

TL2100®Carbon Composite

2 - Northvane Copolymer Polypropylene TL2100® is a premium grade carbon composite and is the only 100% graphite composite shell material available. TL2100® has been designed specifically for foot orthotic fabrication and is the most researched, tried and tested composite shell material available. It is a very strong material that is thin and light-weight. It is ideal for those requiring a rigid device who does not want to take up too much bulk in the shoe. It also looks fantastic!

Polyethylene Foam

2 - Northvane Copolymer PolypropyleneAvailable in both high and low densities, polyethylene foam is extremely lightweight and easily thermoformed. Its conforming properties are best suited for use in accommodative devices where there are high pressure areas or prominences that need to be off-loaded.


2 - Northvane Copolymer PolypropyleneFootmed manufacture a very popular line of prefabricated orthotics. These are made from lightweight, durable polyethylene foam that has an excellent memory for moulded shapes. These devices offer the Podiatrist a platform on which to provide biomechanical correction at an affordable price.

Topcovers and Foams

2 - Northvane Copolymer Polypropylene Footmed has an extensive array of topcover and foam materials. These are used in combination with the above devices to provide an array of therapeutic outcomes. From cushioning, to colour, to durability we have the product that is right for your patient. Some of the more commonly used materials include Spenco™, Neolon™, Poron™, EVA, Multiform, Plastazote, Bambootech™, Leather and Vita to name a few.

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

EVA is a very commonly used material in orthotic manufacture, both for accommodative orthoses or padding and as posting or reinforcement for functional devices. EVA is easily fabricated and can be cut, shaped, thermoformed and welded with ease. EVA is strong, lightweight and has excellent mechanical and physical properties. Low density EVA is ideal for a shock absorption and can be the basis of an accommodative device or used as durable topcovers or padding. High density EVA is used as heel posts or reinforcement.

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